Great Expectations in Motherhood

Recently, I attended an event with my husband. I had been looking forward to it for awhile, so when we found a sitter for the kids, I went fully prepared to have the time of my life. Instead, despite the fact that absolutely nothing went wrong and the event was lovely, I felt disappointed. I... Continue Reading →

Why Motherhood Isn’t Always Fulfilling

During the seven years I have been a mom, countless moments have left me breathless with joy. The moment each of my babies was laid on my chest for the first time, or the times when they’ve fallen asleep on me and I’ve traced the curve of their soft cheeks in awe, or the instances... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Perfectionism

When I was in college, my dorm participated in intramural sports. Before each game, my highly competitive and athletic freshman roommate begged me to join our hall team. I never once agreed. Not having played sports in high school and not possessing an athletic bone in my body, I knew I would be terrible. I... Continue Reading →

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