Why I Do Playdates

A friend recently quizzed me about my philosophy on playdates. We were actually in the middle of a playdate, and while I had engaged in numerous playdates over the last five years (I’m figuring at least two a week, every week, for five years . . . we’re talking nearly 500 playdates!!!) I didn’t have... Continue Reading →

Hope for the Mama Who Struggles to “Treasure the Little Years”

We’ve all said it. The mom of the toddler says it to the mama rocking a newborn in the nursery. The grandma says it to the mom wrestling a posse of kids and a grocery cart through the store aisles. Can you guess? Can you guess the irritatingly true little phrase we all say? “Treasure... Continue Reading →

Habit and Love

I remember being about ten years old when I advised my younger sister not to read the Bible every day unless she really wanted to, because God didn’t want her to do it just out of habit. I’m not entirely sure how I came to that conclusion myself, but as a child growing up in... Continue Reading →

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