A Mama’s Response to “Don’t Worry About the House”

Since adding the twins to our family, I have had dozens of conversations with well-meaning women that went something like this: “How are you doing? Are you getting any sleep?” I normally smile and admit that sleep hasn’t been very plentiful or prioritized in the last four years. With a sympathetic nod and a comforting... Continue Reading →


Should Jesus Be Your Kids’ Hero?

My dad loves to recount the story of stumbling upon my sisters and me hiding with all our dolls in our closet. When he asked us what we were doing, we told him we were pretending to be Corrie and Betsie ten Boom, hiding Jews from the Nazis. He had read Corrie’s inspiring true story,... Continue Reading →

The Perception Problem

We live in a perception driven world—from the President of the United States who worries over approval ratings to the student sitting in the classroom who fusses over her Facebook likes—we all worry over the way we are being perceived by others. In fact, we diligently work at crafting a careful persona and often manipulate... Continue Reading →

The God Who Sees

"Mom! Come see!" my three-year-old son calls for the umpteenth time. I drag myself away from what I'm doing to ooh and ahh yet again over his newest magnetic tile creation. He isn't satisfied with his tower or roadway until it has been seen and appreciated by everyone within earshot. I was thinking of this... Continue Reading →

Do You Doubt God’s Goodness?

In difficult situations, Christians commonly encourage each other that “God is good, all the time.” And that God works all things out for His glory and our good. But do you ever find yourself fearing that what brings Him glory might not bring you good? Do you ever seek to rule or manipulate situations to... Continue Reading →

Habit and Love

I remember being about ten years old when I advised my younger sister not to read the Bible every day unless she really wanted to, because God didn’t want her to do it just out of habit. I’m not entirely sure how I came to that conclusion myself, but as a child growing up in... Continue Reading →

A Life of Advent

Observing Advent is a relatively new concept for me, but one I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy. This Advent season I’ve been studying the unlikely persons who make up the lineage of Christ (check out Grafted In by Amy Gannet). Many of us are well acquainted with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the forefathers of the faith.... Continue Reading →

Mom Guilt and the Manger

The number of Christmas experiences you could give your children is virtually unlimited. Making cookies, crafting galore, reading seasonal books, eating holiday treats, chopping down the Christmas tree, making snow men, looking at Christmas lights, decorating gingerbread houses, opening advent calendars, attending Christmas plays/concerts/events, wearing matching Christmas pajamas…the list could go on and on, and... Continue Reading →

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