3 Certain Ways to Ruin Advent

Thanksgiving weekend, my family enthusiastically set out to find our Christmas tree. Minutes after unloading at the idyllic tree farm, a toddler initiated a crying spell that lasted the entire hour we strolled the fields and barn. Meanwhile, another child complained about the cold, a sibling threw a tantrum for more cookies, and another brother... Continue Reading →

A Mama’s Response to “Don’t Worry About the House”

Since adding the twins to our family, I have had dozens of conversations with well-meaning women that went something like this: “How are you doing? Are you getting any sleep?” I normally smile and admit that sleep hasn’t been very plentiful or prioritized in the last four years. With a sympathetic nod and a comforting... Continue Reading →

God Hijacked the Wedding

My husband and I had the opportunity to run away for the day to attend the wedding of a dear college friend. I love weddings. I relish the beauty and love that saturate the day. I enjoy watching the couple’s day unfold and reminiscing my own blissful day in which my husband and I melded... Continue Reading →

The Cure for Distraction

How many of you share my struggle with distracting and anxious thoughts? Do you ever find yourself pretending to listen to someone but mentally scanning your to-do list? Have you ever gotten whiplash while praying? “Dear Lord, thank you for this new day. Thank you for my hard-working husband [Oh, I need to tell him... Continue Reading →

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