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I’m married to Seth, my number one favorite person in the world, and mom to Adia, August, and Coralie, the three little ones who are tied for second place. As an RN-turned-stay-at-home-mom, I spend most of my days homeschooling our oldest while the toddler drives toy trucks over my feet and the baby hangs out on my lap. I can often be found schlepping a big tote of books home from the library, drinking microwaved coffee, and listening to a podcast or audiobook while I fold laundry. I’m in awe of the fact that my ordinary life is being used by the Creator to accomplish His extraordinarily good purposes, and I pray that my writing here bears witness to His grace at work in me.


I am a child of God, a wife, a mama, a furloughed English teacher, an ex-expat (for now). I serve an awesome God who daily sustains and surprises me. I’m seven years married to my beloved visionary husband who keeps life exciting. I’m a fledgling mama to four vivacious, wondrous little people: my compassionate three-year-old daughter, my ball-wielding two-year-old son and my cruising and bruising one-year-old twin boys. I currently spend my days cooking meals feeding children, cleaning making messes, reading books, playing ball, coloring pages, digging in dirt—and loving it.


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